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Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D.
One of the World's leading authorities on HGH therapy

Growth Hormone:  The Next Generation

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Growth hormone and GH-releasers are just the beginning.  Two other hormones promise to have an equal, if not greater, benefit for the treatment of aging and age-related diseases:  GHRH and IGF-1.  These might be called the before and after hormones since GHRH precedes the release of growth hormone and IGF-1 follows it.  Also under development are specific growth factors that are being used in healing of everything from wounds to neurodegenerateive diseases.   Finally there are the true wonder drugs of the future, the secretagogues --   powerful, cheap, oral drugs that promise to release growth hormone better than injections of GH.  They will put age-reversal within reach of every one of us.   The first of these products should be on the market by the time this book is in your hands...and it is now:  Pro-Symbio-Plus.


In his book, Grow Young with HGH, Dr. Klatz, founder and president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, gives critical advice about HGH therapy:

"...For the most part, we recommend that you use nutritional supplements found in nature, rather than synthetic drugs to stimulate growth hormone release." (p215)

"...We suggest that you should first try raising your own endogenous levels using growth hormone releasers.  These are safe, nontoxic supplements that will not interfere with your pituitary function, and they have the added benefits of being about one-tenth the cost."  (p281)

"...Replace GH in a natural way.  This means using physiologic, not pharmacologic, doses on a daily basis." (p291)


Order Dr Klatz's Book From

Order Dr Klatz's Book From

Order Dr Klatz's Book From

The first step in designing a growth enhancement program is determining whether you are actually deficient in GH for your age.  There are a number of simple tests you can perform on yourself that may indicate a deficiency of GH and can also tell you how well you are aging.  The following signs and symptoms of GH deficiency are listed in An Introduction to Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults by Bengtsson:

Impaired psychological well-being and quality of life with:

poor general health increased anxiety
impaired self-control reduced energy
lack of positive well-being impaired emotional reaction
depressed mood increased social isolation


reduced lean body mass reduced renal plasma flow
reduced extracellular fluid volume reduced basal metabolic rate
reduced bone mineral density reduced muscle bulk
increased body fat reduced muscle strength
increased waist:hip ratio reduced exercise performance
decreased HDL cholesterol reduced anaerobic threshold
increased LDL cholesterol



The following self test is designed to help you determine whether your hormonal health is declining, and if you should seek to elevate your levels of HGH and other hormones, either with the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program, or with HGH injections.

If you answer yes, score the appropriate number.  Today, as compared to 10 years ago:

1.  Do you often feel tired? +1 24.  Do you often get colds or
        feel sick?
2.  Do you feel happy most of
       the time?
-2 25.  Do you commonly feel aches
        or pains?
3.  Do you often go through
       mood swings?
+2 26.  Is your blood cholesterol
        over 200?
4.  Do you anger easily? +2 27.  Is your blood cholesterol
        over 240?
5.  Are you depressed often? +1 28.  Men-is your HDL less than
        45? Women-is your HDL
        less than 55?
6.  Do you often feel anxious
       or stressed out?
+1 29.  Is your blood pressure normal? -2
7.  Do you feel you work too hard? -2 30.  Has your vision noticeable
8.  Do you look forward to
       retirement (not pursue an activity, but to do less?)
+2 31.  Do you have frequent
9.  Do you keep in touch with
-1 32.  Do you have digestive
10.  Do you maintain an interest
        in sex?
-1 33.  Does the skin on your face,
        neck upper arms, and abdomen
        appear to hang?
11.  Is your sex life declining? +2 34.  Do you think you look older
        than your age mates?
12.  Do you have trouble falling
        or staying asleep?
-2 35.  Do you have cellulite on your
13.  Do you feel well rested after
-1 36.  Do you need haircuts less
14.  Do you find yourself
        forgetting things?
+2 37.  Does it seem to take a long
        time for cuts and bruises to
        heal, or for wounds to close?
15.  Do you find it harder to
        think clearly?
+2 38.  Is it getting harder to exercise? +2
16.  Do you use memory aids
        (e.g. lists)?
+2 39.  Do you seem to have less
        strength for gripping or lifting?
17.  Do you have problems
+2 40.  Is your endurance less? +2
18.  Are you in poor physical
+2 41.  Is your breathing more
        labored when you exercise
19.  Are you more than 20%
        above your ideal weight?
+2 42.  Do you find the longer you
        live, the better you feel about
20.  Is it very difficult for you
        to lose weight?
+1 43.  Are you 45 to 54? +1
21.  Have you developed a spare
        tire or love handles?
+1 44.  Are you 55 to 64? +2
22.  Does your musculature
        look youthful?
-2 45.  Are you 65or above? +3
23.  Do you feel your overall
        health is good?


14 and below:
You are doing well and your complaints are well within normal range of daily living.

The Growth Hormone Enhancement Program may help forestall some of the problems of aging.

Hormone replacement therapy with HGH or the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program may reverse the problems of aging you are already encountering.  Schedule a visit to your doctor and have your IGF-1 levels checked.

31 and above:
Run, do not walk, to an anti-aging physician (but not so fast that you fall and break a hip or get a heart attack).  Chances are your levels of growth hormone are severely deficient.  Hormonal replacement therapy, including HGH may be of great benefit.

The information provided at this site has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, or prescription for any disease. Please consult your physician for advice.

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