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Perhaps one of the most interesting differences between HGH and other hormones is that the body keeps making large amounts of HGH right into old age, while other hormones diminish in their production. The challenge in restoring youthful levels of HGH for most of us is not increasing our production or injecting the hormone itself, but releasing it from its sequestered state.

We now know how to unlock the gates that keep HGH from circulating in the body.

On the cutting edge of today's anti-aging research in PRO-Symbio Plus, an all natural product, which has produced startling results; and may very well become the basis for increasing the length and quality of our lives.

PRO-Symbio Plus was produced after years of research and development, and is the world's first effective, controlled safe dosage, oral Growth Hormone Release Stimulator. At a price virtually everyone can afford, the product works by assisting the body's own ability to secrete HGH naturally, three to four times more effectively than the direct hormone injections.

For less than $4.00 a day, anyone can now avail themselves of the vast benefits of renewed Growth Hormone levels once reserved for the wealthy, and in a natural, easy to take measured oral dosage. A three month commitment to the program is highly recommended, although many people will notice an immediate effect. Furthermore, there are no reported complications as opposed to synthetic HGH injections which may cause various side effects, if abused.

PRO-Symbio Plus utilizes an exclusive Growth Hormone Releasing Complex (GHRC) and a proprietary cutting-edge delivery system that addresses gastric absorption, transport through the bloodstream, and attachment to appropriate receptor sites. What is particularly exciting is that only natural substances are used. Early clinical testing with the product stimulated the body's own production of growth hormones with an amazing effectiveness.

Additionally, this product addresses the entire endocrine influence on HGH release through insulin regulation, inhibition of somatostatin, stimulation of GHRH, and conversion to IGF-1.

The skeptics said it couldn't be done, but the existence of this miracle product proves otherwise!

PRO-Symbio Plus is a promoter of HGH-release and IGF-1 formation. It is designed to stimulate the release of growth hormone in males and females, who are prematurely aging due to a HGH deficiency. (Women who have had a hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries, or who suffer from other chronic degenerative diseases, may benefit greatly from this product.)

PRO-Symbio Plus is truly an amazing substance, which is both safe and effective with no side effects.

Injectable HGH

Product Comparison PRO-Symbio Plus Injectable HGH
Product Composition 100% Natural 100% Synthetic
Delivery System Taken Orally 2 Injections Daily
Overdose Possibilities None Possible
Immediacy of Effect Immediately Several Weeks
Legality in the U.S. Totally (Natural Food) Severely Restricted
Reported Complications None Yes, with overdosing
Other HGH Compatibility Yes Perhaps
Monthly Product Cost As low as $59* $1,200 to $2,500
Annual Product Cost As low as $531* $14,400 to $30,000

* When purchased direct in 6 month's supply.


PRO-Symbio Plus
Pro hGH

Product Comparison PRO-Symbio Plus Pro-hGH
100% Natural Yes Yes
Delivery System Easy to use Capsules Effervescent Tablets

Required Dose and Timing

3 capsules, 2 hours before or after eating, twice daily 2 tablets, 4 hours before or after eating. (less convenient)
Package Contents One month supply One month supply
Improved bioavailability with Macuna pruriens (natural L-dopa), Bromelaine and Papaine (for improved digestion), and Kelp (aids in cellular pump mechanisms involved in assimilation)


No. Original formula. Works the same, but less convenient for some.

Monthly Product Cost

As low as $59*


* When purchased direct in 6 month's supply.

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