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My Loss Is Your Gain

Plain and Simple

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My wife and I bought a timeshare for a vacation, however, this year we will not be able to get any real use from it.   We have decided to DEPOSIT our week into the Timeshare bank and then rent out the WITHDRAWAL week to whom ever takes us up on this deal.

Using our timeshare, you will be able to go anyplace in the world, any week that you desire using our banked timeshare deposit week for one flat fee of $ 1,000.00 US dollars.  We have RED time which is the best you can get with Interval International. The unit sleeps 4 people.  We are asking a flat rate ofonly $ 1,000.00 US dollars  for the 7 day week.

The time share is part of Interval International Inc.  The Web Page for Interval Internationalcan be found at


Once at Interval International's page you can search out any resort of your choice and liking. There are hundreds of Interval International Resorts located worldwide.  Each and every one is so many steps ahead of the average standard hotel or motel room that I can't even begin to compare..

Again its a great deal for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of timeshare without buying or having to listen to another timeshare deal..

If this rental vacation idea appeals to you, then of course we will need to contact each other,  I can be reached either by:

 Telephone in Miami Florida, United States is (305) 935-1040  (ask for Stu)


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    Again get 7 days of timeshare experience for $ 1,000.00 US dollars any place in the world where Interval International does business

This offer expires on September 30, 1999