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Check Collect Referral Plan

I have just implemented a Merchant Agent Referral Program for those who would like to work as an agent under me. It would give those agents the opportunity to earn money signing up merchant accounts on the Check Collect Program. This is not a Multi-level plan, but it will provide an agent with a commission for referring another merchant to me.

Plain and Simple

Commissions to be earned per merchant account signed up for Check Collect is $ 5.00 per account signed up and the commission is paid to you after two conditions have happened.

A) Merchant is accepted into Check Collect by the principle company. ( To date I have not seen        any merchant account get rejected.)
B) After the first NSF check runs through that merchants account.

Why the above two conditions prior to payment?

FRAUD FRAUD and more FRAUD. In the past bogus merchant accounts were created or those accounts that where set up had no risk of NSF checks. The company makes itís money from fees generated by NSF checks and not by paying commissions on bogus accounts. Basicly, the account you sign up has to get one NSF check in order for you to collect your commission.