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Stu Kalishman has placed the following file or files here for your download. If I have password protected the file then at the proper time,  when the extraction program asks you.  Enter my telephone number area code plus the last 4 digits of the first social security number that would be listed on the return.  ( A password protected file can not be viewed by anyone else unless they also know my area code plus the last four digits of your social security number ).   I am using this method of getting the file to you because of several reasons:

Rather then to figure out why you didn't get my E-mail or it's attachment, It has now just become easier for me to send attachments as a download url.  This results in less frustration to me getting the file to you. 

If you should run into any trouble with this download you can contact me at 

The file below will start to download once clicked.  Remember where you downloaded the file to on your computer.  When the file is done downloading,  using Microsoft Explorer double click the file name or icon and it will open with the proper browser automatically.

I'd appreciate an E-mail sent to me when when the file has been download so that I may remove this file from my web server.

Stern.DOS.PDF - Click Here 1606 K

The above file is Password Protected

Please note that the above file has been checked by me prior to uploading for any viruses using Nortan Anti Virus 2003You may have a virus program,  that you have more faith in which you may want to use prior to opening.