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Checker Software

Become a Distributor

With the purchase of Checker Software, you also receive resale rights. You can resell the software at the same price you paid with no overhead whatsoever. Because Checker is transmitted to you electronically, there are no overhead costs such as printing, packaging, disks, shipping, etc.

You can sell Checker and pocket the entire $14.95!

So, if you know of just 2 people who could use Checker, you will double your money when you buy it for yourself! If you know 10 people, how does a 1000% return on your investment sound? You can't lose.

The price is right and the benefits are endless!

How Does Checker Work? How Can It Increase My Business?
Is It Legal to Accept Checks This Way? What Do I Need to Use Checker?
Features of Checker Become a Distributor
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So much program for so little cost! What is there to think about?
Order Checker for only  $ 14.95  Today!

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