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Checker Software

How does it increase business?

Right now there are over 135 million American consumers who have a checking account and 70 million of them do not have a credit card. Opening your business to this huge segment of the market will increase your sales and your profits almost overnight!

This large group of customers can now make instant purchases without the long wait for a check to arrive at your place of business before their order is processed.

This means your customer does not have to sit down and write a check, find and address an envelope, locate a stamp, make a trip to the post office and wait for their order to arrive at your location before they get what they ordered.

There are many businesses today that are not able to set up merchant accounts to be able to accept credit cards. This will help them out as well, especially the small and home-based businesses who need to get paid now.

Best of all, there are no processing fees like with all the major credit cards!

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