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Stu's Help Page 

Depending on your cable companies system these instructions may or may not work for you. However you can't do any damage to your unit trying.  You  have nothing to loose.  Please note that you need a real Scientific Atlanta remote control unit and not a replacement remote prior to proceeding 

Scientific Atlanta 8580 -Micro-

Please read before connecting.

Operating Instructions

  • Connect the power cord from your cable box to your 110vAC outlet.
  • Connect the output cable from the output jack on the converter to your TV or VCR.
  • Connect the output cable to the input jack.
  • Turn the converter on and set the channel display to the first pay-per-view channel.
  • Press the AU button on the cable box. Press the AU button for each of the channels that are scramled.
Programming Information
Your lock out code is "24124" for 8580. Do not lose this number, as some of the functions of the unit cannot be addressed without it.
  • To clear entire favorite channel list, press "PRG" then "1" to clear list.
  • To add or remove favorite channel, pressing "PRG" then "3" toggles whether a channel is on the favorite list or not. Memory capacity is 10 channels. The letters "CHAN" will light on the display.
  • To disable all scrambled channels, press "PRG" then "4" then enter "24124". Use to restore test chip to factory default settings.
  • Not to be used unless you experience video inversion! This is the level mode. Make sure the "AU" dot is riding high. Press "PRG’ then "5" . The display will blank. Then press "45245" the display will read "LO4". This is level 4. Press up or down to see the other levels.
  • Channel Lockout: Press "PRG" the "6". Enter "24124" then use the channel up or down to toggle the lockout status. An "A" will indicate whether the channel is locked out or not. To exit this mode enter "PRG" then "6" then press off.
  • HRC or STD tuner setup: Press "PRG" then "7" then press "24124". The display will read HRC or STD.
  • Toggle Output Channel #’s 3or 4: Press "PRG" then "8". Enter "24124". The display will read CH3 or CH4. Repeat to toggle back. Any key will exit this mode.
  • Channel Mapping: Press "PRG" then "9". Enter "24124". Use the channel up/down buttons to go to the channel that you wish to map. The display will flash "t" for tuned channel. Then use the keypad on the remote to punch in the channel # to be displayed. The display will flash "d" for displayed channel #. To exit this mode press "RCL".
Locked Up:
If your converter ever locks up (this means that even though you change the channel, the picture stays the same, or the channels will not change, or the converter will not respond to the remote) unplug the unit for 15 minutes. The converter should reset to normal operation upon plugging it back in.