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The Kalishman Vacation Memoirs

( Or as reported back by Stu )

Reesa and I have been on a lot of vactions.  In August of 1995 I bought a lap top computer which I started taking on some of our  trips and I used it to jot down our daily activities.   Looking back I wish that I had made notes on every trip as I see a lot of missing vacations.  Then again, it is a time consuming thing to do.  Some missing vacations that come to mind right now looking over what I do and don't have on my home computer is, 3 weeks spent during 1994 in Israel, our first trip out of the country to England and France back in 1985.   We have also been to Canada, Mexico, a United States National Parks tour which covered 10 states, 10 missing cruises, Washington DC,  and Tennessee.   Speaking for myself all would of been nice if I could read those notes today.

In the early days I had been jotting down travel notes about our daily activites so as not to forget what we had done and things we had seen.   Unfortuneately, these notes like the pictures are in some draw or photo album someplace.  Today I have a standard place where my notes and pictures are kept safely I hope on my hard drive and backed up every once in while to CD.

Some of my notes were originally prepared for packet.  Packet was E-mail before the internet using Amateur  radio waves instead of telephone lines to transmit my messages.  You will see some unusal headers on the mail either below or above the text.  All this was prior to the internet, E-mail and Mircosoft Windows look at my 1992 trip which also includes the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.

For those of you who have missed out on these prior trips that Reesa and I took because you didn't have a computer or internet access in those days,  I have listed them here on this web site where you can downloaded and read them using your word processing program.  I've programed this web site to open your Viewing program automaticly however should you not have a word processing program or one which can these notes  you may download a

FREE Microsoft Word 97 ( Small 178K Zip File ) Document Viewer reader by clicking here.

To download any of my travel log notes just click on any of the trips below.

Italy, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Romania
Aug 1992
Westerdam Cruise 
May 1995
Finland, Hungry and Csek 
Sep 1995
Nov 1996
May 1997
Statendam Cruise 
Nov 1997
Spain, France and Italy
May 1998
Hawaii - Honolulu, Kona, Maui
Nov 1998
Las Vegas
May 1999
 50 K
New Zealand 
Nov 1999
 187 K
May 2000
 86 K
Hawaii - Honolulu, Kaui, Maui
Nov 2000 
145 K
Orlando Florida - No Notes
May 2001

Singapore, Bali
Nov 2001
148 K
West Palm - No Notes
May 2002

Sun Princess Cruise - Mexican Riveria
Nov 2002
110 K
May 2003
124 K


This page is under construction. Currently the only notes that will print is the recent trip to Hawaii, Brazil, New Zealand and Las Vegas.  Please check back often to see when I update.