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                 I DON'T HAVE A REAL NAME

Hi I'm a 17 year old cat. My mom calls me K.C. because when I was first found homeless and pregnant by Dad (More on him later) mom said what shall we call you? Almost immediately she said, I know! I'll name you K.C. which is short for Kalishman Cat.

Dad (The guy who found me) calls me Shit Head. It's because I use what he calls  the family room to do my business in.  . Gosh darn! I don't care what he calls my sand box but it's my room to do as I please.  He should get a sand box room of his own. Dad is lucky that after all these years that I still let him live with me.

Well, I guess that l must keep him around a bit longer as he does such a swell good job of getting rid of my stinky droppings. Either he likes to do that kind of stuff or he thinks that I'm a God.

Click here for a full size picture of me.


If you have ever tired then you can relate to this. Please read and learn, however These instructions are not for the weak at heart or for those who bleed easily. Click here for full detailed instructions